Why School District Sponsorship Works


The realm of school district sponsorship is a vastly untapped market! If your goal is to increase your company's visibility or to initiate traffic to your locations, your school district and Market Street Sports Group can deliver an unmatched potential of new customers. Let us promote your company by tailoring an approach that gives you visibility in your community and allows you to hit your target market. The value of a corporate sponsorship with local school districts and Market Street Sports Group truly is priceless!

Benefits of becoming a corporate partner of your local school district are numerous. A sponsorship will enhance your company's community relations efforts. Stimulating a community wide feeling that your company embraces and recognizes the importance of education as an integral component in your community's future. All while increasing and maximizing brand awareness of your company's products and services.

The sponsorship is not limited to just one event or venue because the exposure will extend throughout the high school campus and has the ability to reach every resident in the school district. As an organization, we feel that by reaching out into the local community, and giving our partners the utmost attention and exposure, creates a win-win opportunity and thus a quick return on investment.

Corporate partnerships benefit the students through the creation of scholarships and mentoring programs, facility upgrades, booster club discount programs and increased fundraising opportunities. The district's residents benefit as corporate partnerships help control the local school tax burden.

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