Market Street Sports Group may serve as your entities
official sponsorship representative, securing corporate partners (each approved by the entity) in their effort to generate additional revenue through the sale of corporate Naming Rights, Sponsorships and Advertising. We also offer consulting services providing school districts with the tools and knowledge to procure corporate partnerships on their own behalf.

Our clients are asked to develop a policy to allow corporate sponsorship and advertising on their campus or at their facility. This gives MSSG a frame work to work from and defines the types of advertising approved by the school district and or client.

As the official marketing representative, Market Street Sports Group does all the work at no upfront cost or risk to our clients. Using our vast experience, we develop an inventory study of the client's facilities which identifies items that can be sponsored and at what investment point. We develop marketing tools that highlight the sponsorship program and are used in sales efforts. We are actively engaged in all parts of the sponsorship, which includes sales, contract and legal negotiations, signage development, installation and maintenance. We also participate in the fulfillment of all sponsorship contracts helping both sponsors and clients complete their respective parts of the contracted agreements. After costs for creating the physical signage and other production expenses, the district receives a fixed percentage of all sponsorship money; Market Street Sports Group receives a fixed percentage of the sponsorship revenue as commission for our work.


Market Street Sports Group:
  1. Develop marketing and sales materials
  2. Develop inventory and investment points
  3. Seek possible corporate partners
  4. Develop sponsorship proposals
  5. Have contract reviewed by district
  6. Contract with corporate partners
  7. Gain district approval for each sponsor
  8. Manage all sponsorship execution
  9. Provide district with regular status reports
  10. Meet with a district committee (at least quarterly)
  11. Coordinate sponsor invoicing and payments
  12. Coordinate district payments
Entity/Facility/School District:
  1. Assign a point person for proposal approvals and meetings
  2. Develop or approve sponsorship contracts
  3. Grant MSSG access to their property and inventory
Is your district looking to add an additional revenue stream to offset costs? Market Street Sports Group would like to support your district with this endeavor in the following ways:
MSSG's key personnel to make a site-visit to your district on an agreed upon time to conduct an inventory study to value and define elements to be proposed in potential sponsorship and corporate naming right agreements.
As part of the site visit, MSSG's key personnel will meet with your district's administration to discuss and present successful strategies to build stable corporate partnerships. Topics to include: booster club involvement, exclusivity clauses, return on investment for partners, lines of business, managing board and client expectations, pitfalls, types of signage materials, maintenance escrow accounts, board policies, and zoning practices.
Upon completion of site visit, MSSG will provide professionally developed mockups of potential signage that can be used as a template for your district's sponsorship/naming rights proposals.
Market Street Sports Group's study and evaluation will include a recommended per/year financial value for each venue identified for corporate naming rights within the district.
Market Street Sports Group will also provide examples of the following documents:
   1. Legal agreement that may be used to contract with naming right sponsors
   2. Sample board policy in regards to advertising
   3. Sample financial breakdowns for budgeting
   4. Sample proposals that have generated business for other districts 
Contact our offices for a custom tailored consultation proposal based on your specific budget and needs! 

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